~ A 6th Generation Flower Farm ~

8664 360th Street – St. Joseph, MN

Subscriptions FAQ

Your flowers will be ready starting at 9AM and you can pick up through dark.  Please sign your name when you pick up your flowers.  The pick up location has moved from previous subscriptions.  They are now in the second building on your left when you pull into the driveway – enter the door next to the big sun mural that says “Welcome To Sunny Mary Meadow”.  There is a notebook to write your name on when picking up. 

If you can’t pick up: 

  • you can send someone else (just either let me know or give them clear instructions)
  • you can pick up the next day (but they’ll be a day older)
  • you can move to a different pick up date but must notify me a week in advance so I don’t make extras 
  • you can donate it, but please let me know ahead of time or it will sit and wait for you
  • they will be given away or thrown at the end of day 2 (for example, if you are a Monday person and you forget, you can still pick up Tuesday but not Wednesday)

Think of it as ordering cupcakes from a bakery, forgetting to pick them up, and asking them to make fresh ones two days later.  I want to be as accommodating as possible if you let me know in advance, but I’ll have your flowers ready on the day and time we agreed upon unless you know a week ahead of time. If they’re still not picked up 2 days later, I will donate them to either a nursing home or a local business lobby for people to enjoy. I try to reach out if I notice someone forgot, but as our business grows it is difficult to keep track of who forgets. 

TIP: Set a weekly reminder in your phone to pick them up