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8664 360th Street – St. Joseph, MN

Tyler MN Monthly Subscriptions


Monthly pickup in Tyler MN

You have all been asking and we are going to make it happen! These bouquets are larger than my typical bouquet, as there are only 5 total and the feedback I got was to make them a little larger than normal. Certificates will be mailed out to wrap up as Christmas gifts.

These subscriptions are for pick up at Deja Brew in Tyler on the following dates:

May 9 – Thursday (12PM-5PM)
June 6 – Thursday (12PM-5PM)
July 18 – Thursday (12PM-5PM)
August 15 – Thursday (12PM-5PM)
September 12 – Thursday (12PM-5PM)

I will have everyone’s name on a list and you can cross your name up as you pick up. Please consider purchasing a coffee or something from Deja Brew when you pick up as they have been very generous in offering their space. When other businesses support small businesses, we all win!

I will communicate via email ASAP when I know of any schedule changes but I don’t anticipate any. There are no refunds or substitutions — if you cannot pick up your flowers one of the dates, please send someone in your place.

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